Pre-Listing Appraisals

What is a pre-listing appraisal?

A pre-listing appraisal is just what it sounds like: an appraiser you order independently of your bank before you list your house for sale. While this doesn’t mean that you must list the home for the value indicated on the appraisal, it is a good starting point and more importantly, will help you list your house at a value that will both maximize profit and minimize the days your house sits on the market.Pre-listing appraisals

I am working with a realtor. Should I still get a pre-listing appraisal?

While you may get a CMA (comparative market analysis) from your realtor, realtors and appraisers have different methods of arriving at valueРand in order for your house to sell, you will need an appraisal! Everyone has heard of sales that fall through when the appraisal comes in much higher or lower than sales price, and its very disappointing for everyone involved. One way to possibly avoid this is to get an appraisal done first. Although you will still need an appraisal before the sale goes through, this is a good way to try to aim for that appraised value, rather than take a shot in the dark and hope the later appraisal is close.

Because appraisers have no invested financial interest in your sale like your realtor does, you can trust us for an unbiased, professional opinion. Many times people don’t get a pre-listing appraisal because they are afraid it will come in lower than they want– then they list their house too high, it sits on the market, and they must continue to pay their mortgage while they wait for a sale that may never happen.

Is knowing the market value the only benefit of a pre-listing appraisal?

pre-listing appraisalsSacramento Appraisal Group can give you an appraisal that will help you decide on a realistic selling price that will help you and your buyer have a smooth transaction process. There are other benefits for you as the seller, too: the appraisal can be used as a negotiating tool in the transaction, and make you aware of any last minute repairs you could do to increase the marketability of your home.

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