Estate Settlement Appraisals

What is an Estate Settlement Appraisal?

When the estate settling process begins due to death of owner, many times an appraisal is needed to establish Fair Market Value for tax or inheritance purposes. We do this by producing excellent, irrefutable appraisals that will stand up for documentation with the IRS or state agencies by demonstrating exactly how we arrived at our value conclusion and including all evidence within the report.Estate Planning Appraisals

Who orders an Estate Settlement Appraisal?

An estate settlement appraisal can be ordered by a lawyer, accountant, executor, or family member. We understand that this is a difficult time, and for this reason we fulfill the appraisal order as quickly and respectfully as possible. We are comfortable working with both legal representatives and family members and will cater our service to you.


We have experience and work often with homeowners and attorneys during the estate settlement process. We appraise single family and multi-unit properties in Sacramento and Placer counties, and we would love to serve you. Give us a call today with your situation.

You can read more about Estate Settlement Appraisals HERE.


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