Divorce Appraisals

At Sacramento Appraisal Group, we understand that divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved. There are many things to be taken care of in the divorce process, and we strive to make sure that the appraisal process is one area that is as stress free as possible for you.

Why Do I Need an Appraisal in My Divorce?

 An appraisal for any joint property held by you and your partner is usually necessary or highly recommended to determine the value of property to be divided. It is common for each partner to get their own appraisal in the interest of protecting their individual assets.

What Kind of Appraisal Will I Need? 

You will need an appraisal that determines the Fair Market Value of the property that will be divided. In California divorce appraisals may be ordered for an initial value in hopes of settling the case.  If your case goes to court, the appraiser may be required to be an expert witness, so it is vital that your  divorce appraisal has the necessary support and research to be upheld in court. For this reason, a Certified Residential Appraiser should perform your appraisal. For court cases in California, the divorce appraisal should be as close to the trial date as possible.

Do You Have Experience in Divorce Appraisal? 

Sacramento Appraisal Group does have experience and expertise in divorce appraisals. We protect the confidentiality of our customers and will never share the information regarding your divorce appraisal with anyone except you and your attorney.

How Can I Reach You About My Divorce Appraisal? 

Please call us at 916-792-7112 or send us an email about your situation using the contact form at the bottom of the page. You can also use the ‘request an appraisal’ link on our home page. We offer professional service and competitive rates, and we will get back to you within one business day.

Our hearts go out to you in this difficult time, and we look forward to learning how we can assist you.

Jeff Hamric
Chief Appraiser

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