Would You Buy a Famous Movie Home?

The news that the creepy Silence of the Lambs home is on the market outside Pittsburgh intrigued us with the idea of marketing, appraising, and selling a home that has been a movie set. This particular listing, which has the relatively low listing price of $300,000,  mentions that the movie was “featured” in the film, but doesn’t mention […]

Do I Need a Date of Death Appraisal?

If you have recently lost someone and are in the process of sorting out their estate, you have probably heard that you need a “date of death appraisal,” which is used to determine how much, if any, estate tax is owed to the IRS. This is an important part of settling the estate and is […]

Revisiting Zillow

A few months ago, we wrote about Zillow right here, and we got such a huge response to that post, we realized that a lot of people have questions about Zillow and how exactly you can use it. This continues to be a topic that causes confusion, especially with homeowners trying to figure out what […]

All About FHA

Though we have posted about FHA before here, we wanted to write another post with an overview of “all about FHA:” when FHA is a good idea, when it’s not, and what are some things you can do as a realtor, seller, or buyer to help your FHA loan move smoothly and quickly! Though we […]

What is Gentrification, and What Does it Do?

All this week, we’ve been listening to NPR’s series on gentrification in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park and thinking about the different perspectives reflected on the series. While some people are of the opinion that gentrification does a much-needed job of cleaning up rough neighborhoods and bringing new business and jobs, others resent […]

Is “Appraisal Customer Service” an Oxymoron?

As we’ve previously discussed, it is the number one priority of appraisers to provide unbiased, independent valuations, acting as no one’s advocate. In our experience and based on conversations with clients, appraisers can take this to extreme lengths, sometimes mistaking friendliness and good service for bias. As you might know if you’ve read our blog […]

How Hard is it to Qualify for a Mortgage?

With the market as it is right now, many would-be homeowners are finding out that it’s not nearly as easy as it once was to buy a home. Those of us who have clear memories of the 2008 meltdown know this isn’t 100% a bad thing, but it’s not 100% a good thing, either. Many people […]

The Early Bird Does Catch the Worm!

I wouldn’t call myself a morning person per se, but when I do get up early I am always very productive. This is not about appraisal, or about how appraisal relates to real estate deals, but in a way it is. My company is working on a project that required an early morning conference call […]

How Do I Know if I Can Trust an Appraisal?

When you get an appraisal back, sometimes you just know the value isn’t right, but it can be tough to know where to go from there. If you don’t know anything about appraisal, it feels like you just have to settle for what you get. That being said, if you read through a report, there […]

Why Do I Need a CO Detector in My Home?

A year ago, we wrote a post about CO detectors and how often they were missing from homes we inspected. One year later, we’re happy to say that we are seeing more and more CO detectors in homes we’re appraising for sales, but unfortunately we still see a big lack of CO detectors in homes that […]